Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 2 Progress

I am officially in my third week of getting back on track and I'm feeling pretty good about my progress. Like any journey there are setbacks for every step forward. This weekend I had my daughters and it was cold and rainy. This meant we stayed in and watched movies.... and snacked. I did my best to keep everything in moderation but it also felt good to relax for a day.

So what were the actual results of the week? Well I am 153.4 pounds as of this morning which is a 1.4 pound loss from last week. I actually ended up raising my calories this week because the weight is dropping quickly. I ate roughly 15,000 calories, or 2,150 per day. I've continued lifting heavy and set my sights on possibly competing in a power lifting competition in May instead of doing the NPC Mid-Atlantic Cup again.

Starting to see some definition again

 Abs are slowly reappearing

My workouts this week were as follows:

4 warm-up sets of 10 reps increasing weight each set
5 x 5 increasing weight each set (I ended at 190 lbs)
Reverse Hack Squat
5 x 10 x 180 lbs (not counting the starting weight of the sled)
Leg Press 
5 x 15 x 90 lbs (not counting the starting weight of the sled)
Calf Raise
5 x 15 x 155 lbs

Bench Press:
4 warm-up sets
1 heavy set of 3 reps
4 heavy sets of 2 reps (I PR'd with 115 pounds)
Incline DB Press:
10 x 10 x 25 pound DB's
5 x 7 x 160 pounds
5 x 15 with 60 pounds of assistance

Treadmill 4.0 MPH for 10 minutes
Overhead Press:
8 x 30 pounds
2 x 8 x 50 pounds
5 x 60 pounds
3 x 70 pounds
4 x 2 x 80 pounds
Lateral Raise
10 x 10 x 10 lb dumbbells
Cable Front Raise
5 x 7 x 15 pounds
Treadmill 20 minutes inclined at 4.0 MPH

Treadmill 4.0 MPH for 15 minutes
5 warm-up sets
5 x 5 x 235 pounds
Deficit Deadlifts
5 x 7 x 185 pounds
Lying Hamstring Curls
5 x 10 x 80 pounds
Barbell Rows
4 x 10 x 95 pounds

Supersets of biceps and triceps:
DB curls w/ skullcrushers
4 sets of 8 - 12
Rope curls with rope pushdowns
3 sets of 8 - 12
Incline hammer curls with bench dips
3 sets of 8 - 12
Plate front raise superset with plate upright row
3 sets of 10
3 sets of 10 - 15

And now it's on to week 3 and planning nutrition to get me to the under-148 pound weight class by May 28th!

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